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Carbotect is a proprietary colour based diagnostic tool for the real-time detection of ultra-low levels of organic contaminants. The test can be applied in all food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing facilities and Carbotect can be used for the validation of both Cleaning-in-place (CIP) or Cleaning-out-of-place (COP) procedures. It is effective for performance monitoring of membrane based water treatment plants and assists in the detection of dissolved organic compounds such as humic and fulvic acids.

Our Services

Hygiene audits

Carbotect offers a holistic audit of the sanitary status of the client’s facilities in terms of cleaning and sanitation status and evaluation of the suitability and efficacy of the existing CIP/COP protocols. Drafting of appropriate CIP/COP procedures for quality assured compliance of minimum plant health and quality standards.

Water quality audits

Composite evaluation of all water sources from point of receipt through to ‘point-of-use’ and identification of sources of microbial bio-fouling within the plant water system

Our Team

Dr Robin Kirkpatrick

For the last 15 years, I have been directly involved in new technology and market development culminating in global commercialisation. During my employment at Radical Waters, I was responsible for the development of a fledgling technology from conceptual assessment through laboratory evaluation to proof of concept field trials. Currently the technology and its patent protected applications have been commercialised in excess of 20 countries globally. All data generated during this time, formed the foundation for an extensive local and international patent portfolio for which I am listed as inventor on 7 international patents registered in multiple countries. During my employ with the company I held the position of business development and technical director responsible for all development, support and regulatory aspects of the technology, as well as the development and maintenance of the IP portfolio.

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Case Studies and References

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Prof. Bettie Lodolo

Extensive studies were undertaken in collaboration with SABMiller by Dr Robin Kirkpatrick to develop a real-time CIP validation method for the detection of residual organics in final CIP rinse water.
The Carbotect™ system fills a unique niche not covered by existing rapid validation technologies. Classical micro plating techniques are the most cost effective, allows for quantification but require trained microbiologists and extensive incubation periods. Carbotect™ and ATP are priced similarly per analysis, both offer immediate results, require low skill levels but do not allow for identification or quantification. However, the Carbotect™ system has the advantage over the ATP system since no initial capital equipment layout is required.... Read more

Industry Application

Read Carbotect(r) adds value in various industries. If your industry is not listed below, you are welcome to contact us directly.


Alcoholic Beverages
Carbotect is used for the detection of residual organic contaminants in the equipment used in all fermented beverage processing and packaging equipment.
Carbotect is effective for the detection of organic product residues in all processing equipment from the brew house through to the packaging hall which also includes fillers and bottle washers.
Carbotect is effective for the detection of residual organic soils in both red and white wine processing facilities. This use will also extend to include sparkling wines and spritzer type products.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Carbotect is effective for the detection of residues of chemicals used in CIP and COP procedures. Carbotect is most effective for the detection of potent oxidant compounds such as Peracetic acid, Hydrogen peroxide and Citric ,Nitric and Phosphoric acid and results in immediate discoloration of the colour reagent.
Carbotect does not react with Caustic soda (Sodium hydroxide) or chlorine dioxide.

Food Processing

Adding to the proven capacity for the detection of the diverse sugar based range of contaminating organic soils, the Carbotect test is also capable of readily and reliably detecting the milk proteins and peptides residues in contaminated rinse water samples. This has application in all aspects of the food processing industry but is especially relevant to high risk ‘ready to eat’ products and preservative free soups, sauces and condiments.
In addition Carbotect can be used to monitor the quality of process water for the presence of biofilm products used in the preparation and processing of perishable meat, fruit and vegetable products.

Dairy Processing

Carbotect is used to detect residual milk sugars and proteins in all aspects of the dairy industry from on-farm milking parlours and milking equipment as well as all further bulk processing plants including yoghurt and flavoured dairy based beverage production.


All products which require ultra-sensitive degrees of sanitary assured production i.e. pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the Carbotect test will afford a reliable and repeatable diagnostic tool to underwrite existing quality assurance programmes as an adjunct to existing microbial control and organic residue control protocols.
Assurance of optimum product and process water quality is a prescript for pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing facilities and Carbotect offers these industries a reliable and repeatable diagnostic tool to quality assure the water used in both final products as well as during CIP/COP procedures. Aside from the proven sensitivity of Carbotect to detect the ultra-low level contaminants of basic sugar based organics commonly used the pharmaceutical industry, Carbotect is also capable of detecting low levels of glycerol and glycerine contaminants in final rinse water.

Water Treatment

Carbotect is used for the detection and monitoring of effluent organic compounds in waste water treatment plants associated with food ,beverage and pharmaceutical plants. It can also be used to verify quality compliance before treated water is discharged to municipal or natural water courses.
Carbotect has been validated for the detection of bio-fouling and the differential measurement of the dissolved organic compounds in treatment water plants. Carbotect has been shown to be effective for the monitoring of system performance of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra-filtration (UF) and Nano-Filtration (NF) membrane based filtration systems in both desalination and fresh water treatment systems

Carbotect Product Specifications

The degree of colour change of the Carbotect test reflects the concentration of the contaminating organic compounds in process water when measured over a fixed period of time. The measure of colour change can be semi-quantified relative to the colour change and associated grading scale for on-going monitoring purposes.

  • Patented Technology

    The technology underpinning the Carbotect product is currently covered by the following patents:

    SA Patent – ZA2014/02575
    UK Patent application – GB1604482.8
    US Patent application – US15/022,018
  • Proactive

    Detects microbial nutrients and predicts microbial biofouling BEFORE it becomes established.

  • Rapid Results

    Definitive decision making outcome within 5 minutes.

  • Simplicity

    Suited to low-skills based personnel, Ease of testing and interpretation.

  • Repeatability

    Reliable and consistantly repeatable results with each test.

  • Cost effective

    No CAPEX investment or costly laboratory requirements. Consumable based costing.

  • Broad spectrum

    Appropriate to quality assurance assessments across all sectors using water.

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